Mosaic light panels for mood & motivation


Additional window with a SKY view at your home - the dream of everyone. Just connect lighting panels together into bird, cat, diamond, square or your own shape that fits your room in the best way. Mount them on the wall, connect to your Wi-Fi and borderless panels will bring a piece of sky into your room.


Clouds or lightning, sunrise or sunset, fire or rain - the choice is yours. Select the SKY effect that fits your mood by using the mobile app or by simply tapping on the light panel.


Imagine new painting every day on your wall which makes you smile - animals, emotions, game characters. Select among 20 thousands of sky faces or create your own, enjoy and share with the community.

Stay in the know

Keep track of important information with just a glance. With SKY, you can create an informative screen to display everything from smart home notifications and weather to social media counters and sales figures.

(Note: Requires  2 x Starter Kit)

Voice control

Turn on your favourite SKY effect using your voice via Siri, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant. 

Remote control

SKY and TIME were designed for your amazing home, especially for desk setup. SKY brings mood, TIME brings motivation - it’s all you need to reach new horizons. When it’s time to light up that favorite effect, don’t get up, just click a button on your TIME.

Setup process

The setup process is pretty simple. Pick where you want to place your light panels, choose a shape and attach it to the wall with adhesive tapes. After you plug it in and connect  to the smartphone via Wi-Fi, the panels will show a pixelated color code. Just scan it using proprietary technology built into the official app on your iPhone or Android smartphone to recognize individual panels and assembled shape. Enjoy the SKY effects.

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